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Dredged up from my MySpace blog, originally posted 11/21/2005


I had a long post typed out about what brought me to today’s point; but after reading it, I realized no one would really care about the rambling explanation of my neuron firing sequence. So here’s my point:

Know yourself.

I know it sounds obvious, but I think it bears repeating. Too many people are trying to get through life less effectively than they could if they took some time to examine who they really are.

Know your own behavior, accept and embrace yourself. Don’t hide from the fact that your mother taught you to procrastinate or that your father was an alcoholic. Don’t deny your own strengths either though; exercise your green thumb and your ability to truly listen to others.

If you discover something that you don’t like, you have two choices:

  1. Accept it.
  2. Change it.

Did you notice that “Complain about it” was not an option? This process is obviously one of discovery. As you discover your strengths, play to them. No one wants to hear you whine about how hard your life is- not even you. Actively make choices that create situations in which you are set up to win. It’s not “cheating,” it’s “being effective.” Every situation has variables you can effect, even if all you can do is visualize the best possible outcome.

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