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Okay, maybe this goes without saying, but seriously? Don’t buy stuffed squid heads thinking you’re going to find some neat new dish just because your Japanese manager recommended them.

I don’t know where you’re from, but the Karaoke Box establishments in Las Vegas serve squid-flavored snacks. Some people can’t stand squid-flavored anything, but I think they’re edible after a few drinks. Anyway, Ms. Semba recommended I try these stuffed squid heads that are sold in vacuum packs in the supermarket near my office. They’re hollowed out squid heads with the eyes removed, filled with seasoned, precooked rice. You’re supposed to boil them for five minutes and eat them, presumably with a knife and fork, as they’re not tender enough to pull apart with chopsticks.

I knew as soon as I broke the seal on the plastic package that I’d made a tactical error, as the familiar scent of squid invaded my nostrils. As I already had the water boiling, I figured I might as well go through with it and just try it- who knows, maybe they’ll turn out to be great, right?


No. I psyched myself up and took one bite of said squid, and that was all I could take. The outer texture was slightly less chewy than octopus sushi, and the flavor of the rice inside reminded me a little of kasha, but not in a good way.

No, and though I turned on the fan over the stove, my apartment is now saturated with the smell of boiled squid.

No, and I had to put the squid head I didn’t touch and the one missing a bite in a ziploc bag so the smell doesn’t linger any more than it already will.

No, no, no. Oh my god, no.

Here’s an appetizing picture of said squid heads after I sealed them for disposal. Each one fits easily in the palm of your hand. Or in the garbage can, your choice.

Let this be a lesson to you. Don’t buy squid heads.

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