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I started this blog when I moved to Japan to teach English. I try to keep the posts interesting to anyone that might stumble in here from the interwebs, but I make no guarantees that what holds my interest will do the same to yours.

I’m an unmarried 34 year old male, born in California and raised in Las Vegas, where I went to high school and eventually earned my MIS degree.

Hiking in Cottonwood Valley, near Blue Diamond

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  1. Nancy Maheras says:

    Every once in a while when I google my name I come across the page on your website where you quote me. It makes me feel great, but a little bit guilty. Here’s why: the quote, “It takes three trees to make a row” is not from me; I heard it in an English class at UNLV taught by one of my favorite professors, Dr. John Irsfeld, PhD. (He’s a published author and I must admit: I had a big crush on him when I was his student.) And BTW, I absolutely remember you and am happy to see that you are doing wonderful things in the world.
    Nancy Maheras
    PS: I retired last summer (but am hoping to snag a private school job for next school year).

  2. Justin Stone says:


    Good morning. My name is Justin Stone. I’m from Boston, MA. Last night I interviewed with Marie Verlingo at the ALS home office. It was a long interview, but thorough. I am wondering if you could provide any perspective on the program. I have three years experience working in South Korea, two as a teacher and one as an administrator/supervisor. The ALS program is significantly different than my previous experience. Feel free to e-mail me directly jdstone at gmail.com. I’d love to hear about your experience. Thank you for blogging, as it’s been a good way to see what your transition has been like.


    Justin Stone

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