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I snapped this with my cell phone in a 100 yen store.

If you aren’t familiar with them, Japan’s ¥100 stores are far superior to dollar stores in the United States; they have much more stuff, of higher quality, and actually venture into low end housewares. They sell knives, tupperware containers, dietary supplements, and all manner of stationery. I’ve even seen toy badminton sets there.

These little bottles were next to the register. It’s exactly what you think it is- it’s glue you roll on your legs so your socks will stay up.

Yuko says she used to use it when she was in high school, and that many girls still use it today to keep up the extra tall uniform socks that they’re required to wear. She says it was especially popular during the “loose socks” fad a few years ago.

I’m still not convinced I’d be interested in gluing socks to my legs.

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