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Chocolate dog heads make great gifts in Japan.

I received these little treats from a student who was leaving the school where I worked.

They tasted quite good, very rich if that’s your thing, but the real artistry was in how they looked; crafted as you can see into three very distinct dogs’ heads.

Canines never tasted so good.

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You may or may not have heard about gift melons in Japan. These are unusually expensive melons given as gifts on special occasions, or as business gifts to special customers.

Here you can see eight “Emerald Melon” cantaloupes selling for about $20 (Â¥1980) each. These are actually on the lower end of the “gift melon” scale, some of which sell for hundreds of dollars apiece. Here’s a link to an online retailer selling what appear to be the same melons for 5000 yen apiece:


Incidentally, the lower sign is a display for Fuji apples at just over a dollar (Â¥105) each.

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