The Japanese on the box touts it as an “exercise belt,” but the only remotely plausible idea I’ve been able to come up with for this one is that your misshapen skin kind of looks like ripped abs if you wear this. That would be under your clothes of course, because if anyone actually saw you wearing this, they’d think you ran through a hammock so fast it got stuck in your skin, and your chances of looking cool would drop faster than if you’d showed up dressed as Urkel from Family Matters.

Seriously though, does anyone know what this thing is supposed to do? I’m flummoxed.

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  1. If one wears it for long enough, their flab gets sculpted to look like John Basedow abs. This is clearly the only explanation.

  2. I know, right?
    Apparently, Lesley used the power of the intarwebs to determine that the “science” behind this thing is designed to separate your huge gut into smaller globs of fat to get better circulation and thereby faster reduction of said fat.
    I just can’t stop thinking of the muscle suit from Arrested Development.

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