315-407-4060 Microsoft “tech support” scam from win33.us:

I received a call today from “Gwen Stacey” asking me to give her control of my computer so she could clear out the “viruses” (which she proved existed by showing me the warnings and errors in Event Viewer but couldn’t identify which ones were viruses, let alone which “viruses” they were). After clicking on random things on my computer and intentionally misunderstanding her instructions for ten minutes, I asked to speak with her supervisor, and another person with a thick accent came on the line and identified himself as “Peter.”

When asked how to get my name and number off their list, he said all I had to do was pay him $200. I told him they had a sad way of cheating gullible people out of their money and I felt sorry for anyone who fell for their scheme. His response was literally (direct quote!) “tell me something I don’t know.”

I also told him that “Gwen” has considerable patience and good call control and could have a future in legitimate technical support. He asked me if I had anything else I wanted to talk about before wishing me a good day and hanging up.

I know otherwise intelligent people who have lost time, sleep, and too much money to scammers who lock users out and charge ~$200 to let you back in (to your own computer!). Bottom line: No one, especially Microsoft, will ever call you out of the blue to tell you there’s a problem with your computer.

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  1. Susan Tharp says:

    I am Joe’s sister. This morning I found the CD Joe and the Rising Sun laying on the kitchen floor. It seems like you both enjoyed music and performing together. I think that you were friends. Our family misses him. It has been a few years since he died now.
    I think the CD was on the floor for a reason. I hope that you get this message. I don’t do much social media as I’m not into that but do surf the internet at times and saw some of your pictures and your Japan life sites and insites online.
    Our family didn’t know much about his life in Japan then in China. It seems like he was very happy while in Japan. Viewing your online life in Japan gave me some type of idea what his life may have been as an ESL teacher like yourself. Your fascination with different foods is interesting and quite fun to read:) I can see why you two may have enjoyed a friendship. He also shaved his head while in Japan/ It was quite the coincidence that you both did that. I remember Joe telling me about how crazy the Japanese were about Halloween….your video showed how much they are into celebrating and having fun with the Halloween games.
    He told me that he dressed up as Batman for his students and was literally swarmed/attacked by students having so much fun with it.
    I hope that you are well and happy are still enjoying your music and teaching. Best wishes, Susan

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