Here’s a video of me riding my bicycle to work. It’s really not all that exciting, but I wanted to try recording with my friend Tomas’s camera just for kicks. (If you’re interested, it’s the GoPro HD Hero2 with fisheye lens housing mounted loosely to my handlebars using an old flashlight mount.)

It’s “unlisted” on YouTube out of a vague sense of… not privacy concerns per se, but because I’d rather not have directions to my apartment searchable on YouTube, really.

Anyway, it’s only five minutes long, so even though the mount is pretty shaky, you can probably suffer through it. 😉

3 Responses to “My ride to work”
  1. GREAT! It is like being there!

  2. CObowhunter says:

    Fun ride, thanks.
    You ride fast and fearless.
    Reminds me of the rides we did together in the Red Rock Canyon trails of Las Vegas.

  3. Kay Sanderson says:

    Great, though bumpy, video of the bicycle ride to work! Brings back fond memories of my visit and our bicycle rides in the area. Thanks. (Hope you wore a helmet.) Many snowboarders at LVSSR have helmet-mounted cameras like the one you used. Wheee!

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