Yesterday morning, my dog of 14 years finally succumbed to the lymphoma she’d been fighting for almost a year.

As Amanda said, it’s hard to believe we all watched her grow from a tiny little puppy to become an elegant old lady and pass away.

She came to Reno with me when I went to UNR and back to Vegas with me when I returned to UNLV. In 2000, she had a litter of eight puppies and was probably at least a grandmother by now.

Her last few years were spent with my mother while I’ve been here in Japan. Ellie enjoyed how busy my mom’s house is and all the people she got to meet while my mother taught music lessons.

She entertained younger siblings and parents alike, and she helped my mom’s house feel a little less empty after my brother and I both moved out of the country.

She will be sorely missed.

2 Responses to “Rest In Peace, My Fair Elise”
  1. So sorry to hear of your loss David! I rember when I first met her and she was laying in the shade of a palm tree in 75 degree weather on her back with her little paws stretched out and I thought to myself, “now this is a dogs life!” she will be missed but you can find comfort in the fact she was always loved and spoiled 😉

  2. RIP Elise, long life she had.

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